Qualified Retirement Planning for Businesses

Qualified Retirement Planning for Businesses

Selecting a provider for your qualified retirement plan is one the most important decisions you can make for your organization.  It’s a choice that has implications for your company and the long-term financial plans for your employees.

At Hammond Capital we provide an analysis of your current plan on items such as:

  • Fee Transparency – Do you really know how much you are paying in fees?

  • Investment Selection – Do you own proprietary funds in the plan?

  • Allocation of Plan Costs – Does every investment option provide the same revenue going towards plan costs?

  • Fund Share Class Selection – Has the plan sponsor (the employer) made the investment options with the most efficient shares classes available?

  • Employee Education – Do you have on going education for all employees?

  • Do you, as the business owner, know and understand your fiduciary responsibility? – Are you in compliance with Department of Labor (DOL)?

We are here to partner with you on all of these responsibilities.  It is a fact that the business owner is responsible to know these issues of your plan and it would be great to have access to a firm that will stand by you along the way.